We started GreenLight, almost a decade ago, because we were tired of people telling us what could not be done.  We were told you could not produce chemicals in a clean, sustainable way that would compete advantageously against oil products. We were told that we could not change the way the chemical industry worked.  We were told that innovation did not belong in chemical and biochemical production.

We started GreenLight because we believe that a dedicated, small group of really smart people can break down these age-old dogmas.  We believe that rigorous science, creativity and tireless research can change entire industries.  Furthermore, we believe it is our duty to society to try.

Today GreenLight has proven that our breakthrough, never-before tried approach to chemical manufacturing can in fact deliver chemicals that are far cheaper than those derived from oil, but in a way that is clean, sustainable and renewable.  We have partnered with leading investors, companies and organizations across the pharmaceutical, nutritional, agricultural and chemical industries to deliver our innovations to society.  We have attracted amazing talent to deliver on the promise of our technology platform.

Whether you are an investor, an industrial partner, a job-seeker of tremendous talent and drive, or simply just a curious mind, we welcome you to our site and invite you to explore GreenLight Biosciences.



Andrey J. Zarur, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO