GreenLight's strategic partnerships are key to help take our innovation to market faster.

In collaboration with industrial partners and the US government, GreenLight is developing specific Cell-free Bioprocessing pathways for important compounds in the following areas: 

  • Novel and efficient production of a central nervous system API

  • Sustainable production of food ingredients

  • Novel production of bio-insecticides respectful with the environment

  • Novel production of methane into chemicals (ARPA-e)

GreenLight is researching novel Cell-free Bioprocessing production approaches for three new families of molecules and reaching out to industry for partners for development and commercialization.

  • Anti-metabolites for HIV, HCV, and anti cancer applications

  • Rare sugars, Ribose, and Ribose derivatives

  • High Purity Fatty Acids

Companies interested learning more about partnership opportunities please contact us at with the subject "Partnering".