Without the constraints of a living cell, GreenLight can take advantage of a broad range of feedstock molecules. A variety of compounds can be directed to common intermediates in cell-free systems, allowing for unprecedented flexibility. 


Our Cell-free Bioprocessing Platform can be applied to economically and sustainability manufacture a variety of products across a number of industries. We can produce chemicals for Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Biology, and Fuel.


Current bio-production efforts are ad hoc and typically do not result in platforms that are applicable to other products or pathways.  New pathways and strains are often created from scratch and similar problems have to be tackled in new and different ways.  GreenLight’s Cell-free Bioprocessing allows for accelerated development through the rapid and precise testing of biocatalytic system variation without the need to re-engineer organisms.  This revolution in bio-manufacturing has allowed GreenLight to create a new generation of bioprocesses capable of addressing major issues of sustainability and feedstock flexibility at costs, yields, and productivities that compete favorably with existing chemical processes.


Development of bio-production processes that are economical, easily scaled, and generally applicable are hindered by biological system complexity. Chemical processes that derive from both petroleum-based and natural precursors suffer from price volatility, expensive processing, and toxic intermediates and waste.  GreenLight’s Cell-free Bioprocessing combines the advantages of biocatalysis with the flexibility of chemical synthetic routes, while avoiding most of the shortcomings of both alternatives.  GreenLight's economical, scalable, and generally applicable Cell-free platform delivers an effective solution for bio-production processes.


The most challenging aspects of current bioproduction efforts include: effectively re-routing carbon without negatively affecting cell growth; managing reducing equivalents from over-active pathways; and avoiding cytotoxic effects of high product titers.  GreenLight's technology enables the highly selective elimination, or modulation, of any enzymatic activity derived from the engineered organism.  This proprietary tool does not perturb the metabolism of the growing cell, and only affects activity after cell lysis.  The ability to precisely ‘tune’ the activities present in the cell-free reaction allows for total control of carbon flux from feedstock to product, enabling achievement of maximal yield and productivity.