GreenLight is harnessing the power of nature to revolutionize chemical production.

Our patented Cell-free Bioprocessing technology offers a sustainable, efficient, clean, and economical way to produce the chemicals commonly used in food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and non-petroleum based fuels. 

By partnering our talented scientists with the world's leading investors, companies, and organizations from the pharmaceutical, nutritional, agricultural, and chemical industries we are leading the way to a healthier, cleaner world.  

Cell-free Bioprocessing is an unprecedented flexible bio-manufacturing platform that preserves the cell's inherent manufacturing capabilities while eliminating the cumbersome need to keep the host organism alive. 



GreenLight is creating a portfolio of important families of molecules and partnering with industry to help bring that innovation to the world.

  • Essential fatty acids 

  • Rare sugars 

  • Ribose and ribose derivatives 

  • Pyrimidines and pyrimidines derivatives 

  • Antimetabolites for HIV, HCS, and Cancer Therapies

  • Targeted bio-insecticides


Our aim is to significantly improve human health and protect the environment by ensuring an ample supply of cleanaffordablehealthy foods and supplements; creating new, effective medicines; and enabling the low-cost conversion of natural gas to liquid fuel. 

GreenLight's strategic partnerships are key to help take our innovation to market faster.

In collaboration with industrial partners and the US government, GreenLight is developing specific Cell-free Bioprocessing pathways for important compounds in the following areas: 

  • Novel and efficient production of a central nervous system API

  • Sustainable production of food ingredients

  • Novel production of bio-insecticides respectful with the environment

  • Novel production of methane into chemicals (ARPA-e)

GreenLight is researching novel Cell-free Bioprocessing production approaches for three new families of molecules and reaching out to industry for partners for development and commercialization.

  • Anti-metabolites for HIV, HCV, and anti cancer applications

  • Rare sugars, Ribose, and Ribose derivatives

  • High Purity Fatty Acids

Companies interested learning more about partnership opportunities please contact us at with the subject "Partnering".