About Us

Pioneers of RNA Technology

We believe GreenLight Biosciences is the sign of a better and healthier future.

Our Story

Founded in 2009, GreenLight Biosciences is dedicated to bringing our cell-free RNA production process to market. Our work will lead to more sustainable global development, and we promise to deliver our safe solution without compromising the Earth and its people.

We’ve pioneered a groundbreaking technology to create high-performing, natural RNA products to address global sustainability challenges and promote healthier plants, foods, and people. We’ve also opened up our biological platform to partners in academia and industry, to help them research and create RNA-based products that can preserve our natural resources and protect our environment for future generations.

Our Culture

We’re a team brought together by to a common cause: sustaining the planet, protecting our food, saving lives — and doing great work along the journey.

Driven to Discover

Our leaders lead — but stay out of the way. Team members are empowered to bring their best ideas forward, and leaders are always open to listen and act. We challenge one another to discover breakthroughs that advance our science.

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Caring & Conscientious

Working hard, working smart, and working with one another, we work relentlessly with unmatched passion, creativity, and respect for one another until we get the job done.

Committed to Sustainability

In a world where everything is focused on today, we look to the future. How can we create more sustainable global development in agriculture and healthcare? It is this commitment to sustainability that drives us daily.

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A Currency of Transparency

Many companies say it; few live it. We believe success requires transparency to our people, partners, investors, partners, and the public. We embrace openness and transparency and will share our science and story with anyone willing to listen.

Headshot of Johanna Tang of GreenLight Biosciences

It is a startup. It has a startup culture, but it has structure. And it has the people who will help you grow. I need people I can look up to, and I find that here.

Johanna Tang Research and Development Project Manager
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Our Locations

Our offices are strategically positioned in two of the nation’s most powerful hubs for the commercialization of science and research.

Medford, MA

Located just outside Boston, our headquarters is home to our platform and leadership teams. Our strategic location in the nation’s leading biotechnology and life sciences hub offers us access to the world’s best scientific minds and pathways to commercialization.

Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Our Research & Development team is found in the nation’s largest research park, home to three Tier-1 research universities and 7,000 acres housing hundreds of like-minded companies, government agencies, academic institutions, and nonprofits.

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