We won’t succeed alone.

We believe in collaborating with partners in both academia and industry to remain scientifically imaginative and passionately focused on making a difference in the world.

Our Collaborative Spirit

Our partners are able to tap into the power of our platform to make new discoveries,
build new products, and accompany us as we, together, establish a successful commercial RNA
marketplace. Our collaborations are increasing the stability and performance of RNA technology
in both plant and life sciences.

Our collaboration agreements include academic research institutions and strategic corporate
partners spanning the agricultural, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and energy industries.
These agreements, with organizations both in plant and life sciences, each have a goal of one
day taking products to commercialization.

The benefits of a GreenLight partnership.

Validate research

Have ideas on how RNA can
change your world? Use our
platform to validate impact of
research and create a clear path to production.

Accelerate production, reduce costs

Our platform reduces the cost of development and enables industrial-scale production (by the kilogram) for commercial
RNA products.

Ensure industry standards

Our process can help guarantee RNA-based products are manufactured to meet the
quality standards of your
particular industry.

Meet our platform

Partners can access our platform, which uses a clean, cell-free RNA production process. The technology empowers our team and partners to research, create, and commercialize RNA-based
products to:


Improve Plant Sciences

Many pesticides are toxic — and some previously approved are now banned. With targeted biocontrol we attack the pest — not the plant or beneficial insects — to help farmers grow healthy crops with healthy yields.

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Advance Life Sciences

Drug companies know messenger RNA (mRNA) as an effective means to stop the spread of infectious disease. But creating vaccines is a slow process, and one that is difficult to scale. Our flexible RNA platform offers the potential for rapid vaccine production coupled with scalable, high-fidelity manufacturing.

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Revolutionize Plant and Human Health with RNA

Help us grow our technology, IP, and people. We are seeking new partners in academia and scientific companies to create a beneficial impact on our planet.

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