Five Question Friday: Oscar Pardo, Ph.D.

October 9, 2020

Meet this month’s 5 Question Friday spotlight – Oscar Pardo, an engineer on the Process Science team. Oscar works on process development of GreenLight’s cell-free reaction in plant and human health projects.

Oscar feels that his values closely align with GreenLight’s mission, using his education and skills to make the world a little bit better. Check out the five questions that Oscar answered below to learn more about his favorite thing about working from home, the best place he’s visited and what languages he speaks!

1. Do you have a funny memory of your first day at GreenLight?
Not really funny but I almost showed up to work on a holiday for my first day! Then, on my actual first day, I entered the building at the same time a young woman did. We said “hi,” we continued our paths until we realized we were both going to the third floor, and then we saw we were both going to GreenLight. Once inside we found out it was the first day for both of us. Katie G and I will celebrate four years at GreenLight next January.

2. What do you miss most about being in the office?
The people, the interactions with everyone. I am sorry to say this because I know working remotely has its perks but I find these interactions impossible to substitute. I enjoy the casual quick “how are you?” conversations, the laughs, but also the constant exchange of information that really helps us all to move the science quicker.

3. What’s the biggest perk of working from home?
One thing I enjoyed at the start of this weird pandemic year was being able to talk with family and friends abroad more often. Since it was a global “event” and everyone was also home back in Europe where I am from, I often used video calls for quick check-ins (usually the time difference and life in general makes it harder). Particularly, I loved being able to talk to my little niece so often! I felt bad for her because she stayed home for two months and away from her mother – my sister is a medical doctor and they were concerned about spreading the virus.

4. What’s the best place you have ever visited, and why?
I think the best place is still to be discovered, that’s why travelling is so awesome. But I really liked Cuba because it is such a different experience compared to other places. The cities are frozen in time; the struggle is continuous but people are so positive and wonderful. They have amazing beaches but also beautiful mountains and dense forests. Not to mention rum and mojitos, of course!

And if I may, the place I visit the most is my homeland Galicia. A beautiful evergreen country in northwest Spain, with a distinct personality: It is absolutely not the idea you have about Spain (as an example, our national musical instrument is the bagpipe). Off the beaten path, with top quality food everywhere you go, and amazing landscapes.

5. Do you speak another language? How/why/when did you learn that language?
My first language is Galician, which is spoken by few people compared to many other languages. So in that sense it is unique but it is very similar to Portuguese (they both come from a common Galician-Portuguese language) so it is also helpful to understand people from other places like Brazil or Portugal. I also speak Spanish, and understand but don’t dare to speak Catalan. My mother is from a town near Barcelona and we spent Christmas and summers there, so we learned it naturally from listening to the family.