Mail Online: Vaccine roll out issues

January 12, 2021

GreenLight Biosciences explain to the Mail Online about the vaccine roll out issues for a Covid-19 vaccine.

GreenLight Biosciences spoke to Mail Online about the vaccine supply issues in rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine. An extract from the article is below:

Andrey Zarur, chief executive of GreenLight BioSciences, a US company that works with mRNA used in the vaccine, told the publication that the availability of this product is ‘fairly restricted’ in Europe.

Plans for the vaccine roll out were thrown into yet more chaos last night after the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said up to 12 weeks could be left between each dose – leaving GP surgeries scrambling to cancel and re-book appointments.

More of Greenlight Bioscience in the news: