#WFH Series: Kestrel McCorkle

October 20, 2020

As we navigate this interesting time of working from home, we asked a few GreenLighter’s what their tips and tricks are staying inspired and connected with co-workers.

This week, we’re kicking off our work from home series with Kestrel McCorkle, Ph.D., Scientist III, Crop Protection. Check out a few tips, tricks, and even board games below!

Do you have any work from home tips/hacks you’d be willing to share with others?
My work from home tip is to have a comfy chair. To make sure I don’t feel tempted to work all day and night, I like to close my computer and put it away if I intend to finish the work day. Then I’m not tempted to check email and reply to people late at night. If you are trying to work at home while your kids are in the house, my biggest tip is to put out a well-stocked snack tray and water bottles at the beginning of the day to limit some of the interruptions to work.

What has the GreenLight team done (or plan on doing) to keep the great culture intact? What has worked best to keep everyone connected?
It has been hard to keep connected and while we have been doing virtual events to give people a social outlet, it is hard for many to attend due to responsibilities at home and new work shifts. However, GLB has done a great job showing its employees love and support with care packages and treats like a gourmet ice cream sandwich delivery. I also like the weekly challenges on Slack that are good to connect with others on your own time.

Send a picture or describe something from your home office that has significant importance/relevance to you? Why is it important? What does it remind you of?

My home office is just our kitchen table, but it is nearby our bookshelf full of board games. I love gaming with my family and friends and the board games remind me of good times with those I care about most.

What are your must-have items for working at home?
Healthy snacks so I don’t gain that COVID weight and a very comfy chair. The hard wooden kitchen table chairs were not cutting it! I would say childcare is essential, but we have one at home doing virtual school so it has not been an ideal setup, but we are trying to stay positive!

Are there any GreenLight work from home “scenes” that you’ve found interesting? Recipe swapping? Pet photos? What fun things are happening in the GreenLight Slack channel?
I have really enjoyed seeing pictures of other people’s kids, their cool masks, work spaces, and happy pet coworkers. I use Slack daily to communicate with others in my group and it makes me feel like we are not separated during this time of social distancing.