#WFH Series: Matt Moura

November 3, 2020

This week in the GreenLight #WFH series, we connected with Matthew Moura, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Pathway Engineer at GreenLight. Check out Matthew’s tips and tricks for his home office, some memorable items for motivation, and ways to stay connected with co-workers.

Do you have any work from home tips/ you’d be willing to share with others?
Because I also have a desktop computer at home, and only one set of desk speakers, I bought an AUX cable splitter switch, where I have both my work laptop and home desktop plugged into a splitter, which outputs to my speakers. With a quick click of a button I can easily switch my audio between computers so I can listen to music during the day while working, and then play games/watch movies/etc. on my desktop at night without messing with plugging/unplugging cables.

What has the GreenLight team done (or plan on doing) to keep the great culture intact? What has worked best to keep everyone connected?
It’s tough, because just doing digital versions of stuff we used to do (e.g., “digital happy hour”) just don’t really carry the same appeal as the in-person equivalent events did. But we’re trying hard to keep some semblance of our culture together through things like the “GL Daily challenges” where people post photos on the slack channel to show what they’re up to at home, and the gift baskets GL has sent around in the past.

Send a picture or describe something from your home office that has significant importance/relevance to you? Why is it important? What does it remind you of?

My little corner of memories and accomplishments. All my diplomas (from high school through grad school haha), and a corkboard of photos of young me, my siblings, and random cards/things I’ve accumulated over the years. Plus the build-your-own 3D printer I got as a gift that I built but doesn’t turn on for some reason (I’ll get back to it……someday… )

Are there any GreenLight work from home “scenes” that you’ve found interesting? Recipe swapping? Pet photos? What fun things are happening in the GreenLight Slack channel?
I actually really like getting a shot of what everyone’s homes (or at least their home offices) look like from our Zoom calls. At a time when we can’t socialize in person, it’s a different way to have a little more of an interpersonal connection that we’d normally get from interacting in the office. Learning what kind of art they like, whether they’re setting up in a bedroom, office, kitchen table, etc., seeing that someone made their own whiteboard wall, getting questions about my nonfunctional 3D printer, etc. Even for those who aren’t comfortable sharing their homes (which I totally understand), seeing what Zoom backgrounds they chose is itself an interesting expression of self that allows for a remote personal connection.