Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Accelerating Development of a Scalable and Affordable Vaccine

Our mission at GreenLight Biosciences is to use biology to address some of the biggest challenges facing the health and welfare of people today. The COVID-19 crisis is among biggest challenges we have faced in modern history. We are responding to this crisis by expanding our vaccine efforts to establish a scalable current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) manufacturing platform. This platform will allow for the production of almost any RNA-based COVID-19 vaccine at a scale and cost that enables global delivery.  In parallel, we are also advancing a number of RNA-based vaccines and therapeutics against COVID-19.

GreenLight’s Approach and Progress Towards a COVID-19 Vaccine

GreenLight is accelerating work on our proprietary cGMP mRNA production platform.  Currently, there is limited capacity to supply vaccine at the quantity needed to respond to this crisis.  GreenLight will use our platform to supply the cGMP pharmaceutical-grade inputs needed to develop the vaccine while building the scalable biomanufacturing capacity to support the wide availability of a commercial RNA vaccine.

At the same time, we are in the pre-clinical development of a vaccine. To date, we have prepared a set of COVID-19 vaccine candidates for laboratory evaluation of their immunogenicity.

It is important to note that these are very early days – mRNA is still a new approach for vaccine development.  An mRNA vaccine takes around 12-18 months to bring to market. GreenLight, like other companies, knows time is of the essence and is working with energy and urgency.

Why mRNA Vaccines

mRNA vaccines have strong potential to address fast-moving pandemics because of the ability to produce the vaccine quickly which enables shorter pre-clinical timelines and rapid scale-up.  mRNA vaccine approaches work a lot differently than the ones of the market today. Unlike existing vaccines which typically use weakened or dead forms of a virus to create antibodies, mRNA vaccines produce proteins that then cause the body to stimulate an immune responses against the virus. The antibodies produced in that response protect the body if it comes in contact with that virus in the future.

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