Strategic partnerships facilitate rapid advancement.


GreenLight Biosciences’ collaborations with industry leaders from some of the world’s foremost corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, philanthropies, and non profit organizations are paving the way for advancements in biocontrol, vaccine development, and other RNA applications.


We are grateful to have partnered with GreenLight Biosciences from its inception. This talented and committed team of entrepreneurial engineers, molecular biologists and technologists have invented and optimized a world-changing commercial bioprocessing platform and, after years of fundamental development, the Company is now commercially scaling the production of dsRNA to target the launch of break though new products in agriculture, food systems and healthcare.

The continued support of this group of investors represents a vote of confidence and support of the company’s exciting growth plan and the positive impact it will have on our planet.
— Dave Furneaux, Managing Partner, Kodiak Venture Partners


Companies interested in learning about these, and other partnership opportunities can contact us at with the subject "Partnering."

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