Financial Times: Vaccine makers race to fix vaccine supply issues

GreenLight Biosciences explain to the Financial Times the vaccine supply issues for a Covid-19 vaccine.

GreenLight Biosciences spoke to the Financial Times about the vaccine supply issues for the Covid-19 vaccine. An extract from the article is below:

Andrey Zarur, head of GreenLight Biosciences, said ingredients stockpiled ahead of vaccine approvals would supply the first 1bn-2bn doses, but bottlenecks would emerge after that.

Challenges include sourcing items ranging from DNA molecules to lipid nanoparticles — the microscopic oily droplets that deliver the vaccine’s active mRNA ingredient — he said. “Pfizer and Moderna have kicked off conversations with suppliers like Trilink, Aldevron and New England Biolabs to answer the challenge, but it will require government and deep cross-industry co-operation to make it work.”

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