Financial Times: Vaccine manufacturing delays leave UK with fewer vaccines than hoped

GreenLight CEO, Andrey Zarur, speaks to Financial Times about what’s behind the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing delays for the UK.

vaccine manufacturing
Credit: Financial Times/ Getty Images

GreenLight CEO, Andrey Zarur, spoke to the Financial Times about the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing delays, with the hold up leaving the UK with fewer vaccines dosages than it had hoped. An extract from the article is below:

The delay has been caused by problems sourcing raw materials in October. In particular, people familiar with the matter say there has been disruption to the supply of lipid nanoparticles — bubbles of fat — which deliver the genetic code of the virus’s spike protein into the body. 

The supply of lipid nanoparticles is “fairly restricted” in Europe, said Andrey Zarur, chief executive of GreenLight BioSciences, a Massachusetts-based company that works with messenger RNA, including in vaccines.

Pfizer said there were “several factors which have impacted the number of doses estimated to be available in 2020.” Scaling up a vaccine at the pace it had achieved was unprecedented “and we have made significant progress as we have moved forwards in the unknown.”

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