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Using biology to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

A company founded to solve big problems facing the health of people and our planet.

It’s important to us that our work has impact. That means helping farmers to affordably grow crops safely and sustainably, improving the way drugs are developed and produced to quickly address global health epidemics, or enabling the innovation efforts of our partners.

Many modern approaches to produce food and drugs to keep our growing population healthy have had a negative effect on the health of our planet. Clear cutting forests for cattle, chemical residues on food, in the water and in the soil, nitrogen blooms in rivers, declining soil productivity, the loss of bees and other beneficial insects – these are all clear signs that our system is not sustainable.

Andrey J Zarur is the CEO & President of GreenLight Biosciences

The big problems we’re thinking about at GreenLight are complex and don’t have a quick fix or silver bullet solution. Solving them requires new approaches that work with nature, not against it.

Andrey J. Zarur, Ph.D Co-Founder, President, & CEO
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Biological Solutions for Biological Problems

Can we innovate biological solutions, inspired by nature, to address problems that are fundamentally an issue of biology?

Our first answer to this question is found in RNA. Scientists have long envisioned the use of RNA, a naturally occurring part of the biological make-up of all living organisms, as a potential solution to a myriad of problems.

The GreenWorX biomanufacturing capability – our first innovation — makes it possible to produce hiqh quality RNA at commercial scale. This unique capability is helping GreenLight and our partners accelerate the development of RNA-based solutions for agriculture and life sciences.

Our products can help the environment, not harm it.

After application to plants, our RNA product disappears in a few days. And because RNA is non-toxic, it reduces safety issues for the farm workers who mix treatments from concentrates and spray apply to the crops, risking exposure to more toxic chemicals.  

GreenLight RNA is also produced from natural materials using a clean, enzymatic process with very little waste and no harmful emissions. 

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

What we’re finding in our plant sciences program is that just a couple of grams of our products can be as effective as tens or hundreds of grams of products currently on the market. Lower use rates mean less exposure and risk to the environment and the people applying the product in the field.

So not only is the crop and environment protected, worker safety is greatly improved when you reduce the need to handle more toxic products.

The initial GreenWorX-powered applications that we and our partners create will provide farmers with an as-effective and safer alternative to chemical pesticides — which means safer foods and healthier people. In time, we will expand our technology into life sciences, creating safe and effective vaccines and antibody therapies faster than currently possible.

Time is of the Essence

It takes a lot of time and money for both agricultural and life sciences products to be developed
and manufactured.

  • In agriculture, we are able to go from lab to field much faster than industry average and at a lower cost. That means responding to on the ground concerns faster and at a competitive price.
  • For life sciences, there is potential to develop vaccines much more quickly. For example, the World Health Organization estimates that producing a flu vaccine takes about 5-6 months. Because RNA vaccines use a faster production method than traditional flu vaccines, there is the opportunity for a faster response to rapidly evolving pathogens like flu.

We recognize the magnitude and long term nature of these complex problems — which is why GreenLight and our partners are in a big hurry to have a big impact.

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