Greenlight Biosciences Appoints Diane Griffin and Emmanuel Hanon to its Human Health Scientific Advisory Board

GreenLight Biosciences is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Diane E. Griffin, MD, PhD, and Emmanuel Hanon, DVM, PhD, to its Human Health Scientific Advisory Board.

At Johns Hopkins University, Diane Griffin is the Distinguished Service Professor, a professor of Medicine and Neurology at the School of Medicine, and the W. Harry Feinstone professor at the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. She has also been vice president of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences since 2013. Professor Griffin brings the experience of a distinguished career to facilitate the R&D work of GreenLight, especially her focus on pathogenesis of acute RNA virus infections and the role of the immune response in virus clearance, protection from infection, and mechanisms of vaccine-induced protection.

Emmanuel Hanon’s 20-year career at GlaxoSmithKline included 7 years as the GSK Vaccines’ senior vice president and head of R&D. As a virologist and immunologist, he made critical contributions to next-generation adjuvants and their inclusion in successful vaccines for pandemic influenza, malaria, and shingles. He currently serves as head of R&D for Viome, a precision medicine company focusing on chronic disorders. Dr. Hanon’s experience in vaccinology and product development will be critical in helping GreenLight accelerate its development programs.

Amin Khan, GreenLight’s Human Health chief scientific officer, said: “GreenLight aims to solve some of the world’s biggest problems by delivering on the full potential of RNA, including producing vaccines and gene therapies. We’re delighted that Diane and Emmanuel have joined our Scientific Advisory Board. Their expertise in virology, immunology, public health, and product development will help us accelerate our progress.”

About GreenLight Biosciences, Inc.
Founded in 2008, GreenLight’s aims to solve some of the world’s biggest problems by delivering on the full potential of RNA for human health and agriculture.

In human health, this includes mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. In agriculture, this includes RNA to protect honeybees and a range of crops. The company’s breakthrough cell-free RNA manufacturing platform, which is protected by numerous patents, allows for cost-effective and scalable production of RNA. For more information, visit https://www.greenlightbiosciences.com/