"We believe it is our duty to society to achieve the impossible."

Andrey Zarur, Ph.D. - CEO


Our World faces enormous challenges and risks that currently have no comprehensive, effective, or simple solution: 

  • Equitable access to healthcare, food, and clean water
  • Ability to respond to global pandemics
  • Control of agricultural pests and disease vectors that have become resistant to traditional chemical pesticides.

These represent a small subset of what must be achieved to ensure global sustainable development. RNA has been shown to be a safe, ecologically-friendly, highly specific means to address these problems. However, the high cost of RNA production prohibits its widespread use.

GreenLight has developed a scalable process for the low-cost production of RNA, and is designing products to address many of these issues in an economical, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and highly specific manner.




GreenLight's Cell-Free Bioprocessing method to produce RNA allows a dramatic reduction in manufacturing cost and has demonstrated scalability for a wide range of applications, putting us at the forefront of an RNA revolution.



GreenLight's team of scientists work to manufacture RNAs for Agricultural and Health Applications, that address needs including pest control and disease management, by specifically targeting pests and disease vectors.



GreenLight partners with some of the world's leading corporations, academic institutions, philanthropic, and nonprofit organizations to develop RNA-based solutions that work to address global needs.