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Accelerating discovery of vaccines and antibody therapies — and commercializing them faster than ever before.

Fulfilling Demand through Advanced Biology

Multi-billion-dollar corporations and innovative startups are starting to recognize the role messenger RNA (mRNA) plays in improving human health and stopping the spread of infectious disease. Our end-to-end, self-contained mRNA platform enables fast, scalable, robust and cost-efficient production of mRNA vaccines and antibody therapies.

Solving the mRNA Challenge the GreenLight Way

Manufacturing and delivery of quality RNA for vaccines and antibodies has historically been an issue to unlocking the potential of the nucleic acid to control the synthesis of proteins. Creating quality RNA is expensive to do in laboratories. Doing so also takes a lot of time, making production difficult to scale. 

Our mRNA biomanufacturing platform aims to create quality mRNA quickly. An end-to-end, self-contained process enables cost-efficient production of mRNA vaccines and antibody therapies when compared to traditional production processes. 

RNA for Human Health

We are investing in internal programs and intensifying collaborations with universities, foundations and industry partners to deploy our mRNA production process to Human Health applications. Our platform:

Eliminates existing constraints in producing mRNA clinical materials
Enables cost and kilogram-scale production for commercial mRNA products
Delivers speed to the market, quality and cost for mRNA vaccines and antibody therapies

What’s RNA? Here’s a science lesson.

Complex Science. Promising Results.

GreenLight’s proprietary mRNA manufacturing prototype is a cost effective, high quality option to enable development of applications and solutions for vaccines and therapies. Along with our university partners, we have produced numerous mRNA samples expressing reporter genes and vaccines for testing in mice.

Studies show equivalent quality between GreenLight mRNA compared to alternative state-of-the art production methods. In addition, speed of production is faster, and cost is lower, than current mRNA manufacturing methods.


Offers inexpensive source of substrate



Clean process driven by natural enzymes



Scalable manufacturing process for industry


Revolutionize Human Health with Messenger RNA

Help us grow our technology, IP, and people. We are seeking new Partners and Collaborators in academia and scientific companies, along with investors who seek to create a beneficial impact on human health.

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