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Helping farmers create greener, cleaner crops to provide consumers with the greener, cleaner foods they demand.

Agricultural pests lead to more than $100 billion annually in global crop loss. Traditional pesticides work, but can be toxic. In addition, many chemicals applied to plants accumulate in our soil, water, or food, and negatively impact beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. And many destructive insects, weeds, viruses and fungi have developed resistance to pesticides. Farmers have fewer and fewer options for control.

By applying our safe RNA-based solution to a plant, we regulate a specific gene in the pest that is critical to its growth. The pest is eliminated, but the plant stays healthy and there’s no negative impact on the environment. And we’re working to protect bees from the varroa destructor mite too.

Leading an agricultural revolution.

We aim to provide farmers with safe-to-use, cost-effective, targeted biocontrols that stop pests while protecting crops, pollinators, and land before and after harvest. Since we help farmers create greener, cleaner crops, we provide consumers with the greener, cleaner foods they demand. And not only are we equipping farmers with safer products to handle, we’re also helping farming families promote more sustainable land for future generations.

Needed: A sustainable innovation to pest controls.

The land we have today is the only land we have. And we’re running out of arable soil. 

For years, farmers have used effective petroleum-based chemical pesticides in the form of Neonicotinoids, Pyrethroids, Carbamates, and Organophosphates. Big words — with a big downside: Over time, we’ve learned these non-targeted products kill everything — including beneficial insects and plants — and linger in the environment for years, eroding soil quality and polluting water resources.

RNA: A better, cleaner approach to pest control.

Using RNA,  we can create targeted biocontrols for agriculture. These solutions are cleaner, more sustainable alternatives to traditional pesticides, and protect the plant. 

Learn more about our proprietary, cell-free bioprocessing platform for plant sciences applications.

Topical RNA: An Agricultural Revolution

RNA molecules can be used to regulate gene expression. We topically apply our safe RNA-based solution to a plant. This kills the pest, but the plant stays healthy and there’s no negative impact on the environment.


Cell-free dsRNA: A promising biopesticide against crop pests

Our sprayable, double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) solution can be used in agriculture to control pests (insects, weeds and fungi) in a highly specific, environmentally friendly manner.

Stopping the Colorado Potato Beetle

Two years of successful trials have proven the performance of GreenLight technology. We are actively developing a leading pipeline of products to address even more pest and disease problems facing farmers.

Revolutionize Agriculture with double-stranded RNA.

Help us grow our technology, IP, and people. We are seeking new partners in academia and scientific companies, along with investors who seek to create a beneficial impact on agriculture and farming families.