Our Science

The Power of Targeted Technology

Our bioprocessing engine allows us to address global sustainability challenges and promote healthier plants, foods, and people.

Our Technology

Our platform uses a clean, cell-free RNA production process, and can provide the agriculture industry with targeted biocontrols that attack destructive pests without any impact to crops.  The technology empowers our team and partners to discover, develop, and commercialize RNA-based products that improve our world, placing GreenLight — and our partners — at the forefront of the RNA revolution.


the impact of research and create a clear path to production.



the introduction of products at an industrial scale, and reduce the cost of development.



RNA-based products are produced to meet the quality standards of the industry.



Improving Plant Health

Many pesticides are toxic — and some previously approved are now banned. With targeted biocontrol we attack the pest — not the plant or beneficial insects — to help farmers grow healthy crops with healthy yields.

Advancing Human Health

Drug companies know messenger RNA (mRNA) as an effective means to stop the spread of infectious disease. But creating vaccines is a slow process, and one that is difficult to scale. Our flexible RNA platform offers the potential for rapid vaccine production coupled with scalable, high-fidelity manufacturing.

Research and Data

To create our transformative RNA products, we have to build specific RNA strands that target specific genes in specific organisms. Picture RNA as a tower built out of four colors of bricks: green, blue, red, and yellow.

How do you build an RNA tower (strand) out of RNA blocks (nucleotides)? Like anything: With a blueprint, machines, energy — and really smart people


DNA templates provide instructions on how RNA strands are built. Different combinations of blocks target different genes in animals, fungi, or plants.


Special proteins, called enzymes, build the RNA towers according to the DNA template.


Something must power the machines.

At GreenLight, we found a low-cost way to create RNA towers from building blocks, as well as a low-cost way to power the process.

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