An innovative bio-manufacturing process for a better future

GreenWorX™ is our proprietary, cell-free bioprocessing platform that allows our team and our partners to
produce high-quality, cost-effective RNA products through biology. Our technology empowers users to
create RNA-based products that improve our world, placing us — and you — at the forefront of the RNA

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Validate the impact of your research with our technology.


Accelerate the introductions of products at an industrial scale, and reduce the cost of their development.


Ensure RNA-based products receive approval based on sound science.

In Plant Sciences

GreenWorX-based products are made through a process that is cleaner and more energy-efficient than that of chemical pesticides derived from petroleum. And RNA is much safer and cleaner to use on plants, affecting only the targeted pest — not pollinators and other beneficial insects. 

In tests across farms in multiple states, studies show our agricultural applications don’t negatively impact soil or water quality, and leave no harmful residue on the crops. Our clean RNA product can be sprayed similar to traditional agents (we are researching seed treatments).

  • Fully targeted approach to controlling harmful pests
  • Low toxicity
  • Highly specific to individual pests or plants
  • Biodegradable
  • No or low residue

Learn more about our Plant Sciences applications.

In Life Sciences

We are investing in internal programs and intensifying collaborations with universities, foundations and industry partners to deploy our mRNA production process to produce vaccines and antibody therapies. Our platform:

  • Eliminates existing constraints in producing mRNA clinical materials
  • Enables cost and kilogram-scale production for commercial mRNA products
  • Delivers speed to the market, quality and cost for mRNA vaccines and antibody therapies

Learn more about our Life Sciences applications.

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We are seeking new partners in academia and scientific companies to create a beneficial impact on our planet through our GreenWorX platform.

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