RNA 101

Using RNA to target some of the world’s biggest problems

What’s RNA?

To understand our GreenWorX platform, you’ll need a quick science lesson in RNA. Ribonucleic Acid is a molecule found in all living organisms — animals, humans, and plants. RNA facilitates virtually every biological process of life, such as the way we eat, grow, and behave.

It has high potential…

As a naturally occurring biological molecule, RNA’s potential for improving plant, animal and human health has been known for years. Many applications have been extensively researched and validated in the laboratory. For example:

  • Researchers and companies have shown how RNA can be beneficial to the agricultural industry, curbing the use of traditional chemical pesticides through applications that are cleaner, safer, and better targeted. 
  • Pharmaceutical and drug discovery companies recognize the role messenger RNA (mRNA) plays in improving human health and stopping the spread of infectious disease. 

…at a high cost….

However, wide commercial use has been prohibitively expensive due to RNA’s high cost of production, and slow production time. In addition, traditional methods to create RNA also sacrifice quality.

…until now.

With our proprietary, cell-free bioprocessing method, GreenLight has found a way to produce low-cost, high-quality RNA in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Our work is enabling faster, large-scale production of quality RNA to solve for some of Earth’s most pressing challenges.

RNA: a targeted, natural solution for plant and life sciences.


In agriculture, RNA works without affecting the DNA of the targeted pest, while also protecting the plant. In life sciences, RNA can create more effective vaccines and antibody therapies faster than is currently possible.

Our key opportunities include the development of:

  • double-stranded RNAs (dsRNAs) in agriculture to allow for targeted biocontrol of pests — including insects, weeds and fungi — in a highly targeted, environmentally friendly manner
  • messenger RNAs (mRNAs) in healthcare to create highly effective vaccines to control infectious disease
  • small-interfering RNAs (siRNAs) in life sciences to stop disease in humans and animals

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