Metro: How the Covid vaccine could transform the world

November 12, 2020

GreenLight CEO, Andrey Zarur, talks to Metro about supply issues with the Covid vaccine and how to make RNA.

metro covid vaccine make RNA

GreenLight CEO Andrey Zarur tells Metro about supply chain problems for the Covid vaccine and how to make RNA to help break the bottleneck:

“There are a few suppliers of nucleotides worldwide… they are operating at capacity. Essentially, if everybody goes out and buys nucleotides, we will for sure have a supply issue.”

“RNA constitutes as much as 5% of all the biomass of the planet…so it would be crazy not to try to make RNA the way nature has decided.”

“We need as many vaccines and as many different types as we can get… messenger RNA is great – it was fast, it’s proven to be effective. But it’s not the all fit solution.”

“The more alternatives we have, the better, the cheaper, the higher volumes that we will have, the better ability we’ll have to protect every population.”

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