GreenLight is made up of some of the brightest scientists in the world. These dedicated individuals have immersed themselves in the Company’s cutting-edge scientific research and technology. GreenLight fosters a positive, collaborative, and creative work environment, where open communication is paramount and each individual learns from and teaches one another every day.

GreenLight seeks talented, driven employees with all levels of experience to join our research team and contribute to GreenLight’s continued growth and success.

GreenLight is an equal opportunity employer. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our workforce. We believe in a culture of transparency, integrity and inclusion.

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Current Openings


GreenLight Biosciences is seeking an exceptional, highly-motivated and collaborative Research Associate to work on cutting edge technology in the renewable chemicals space. The successful candidate will work closely with a diverse team to achieve overall team goals. Strong technical skills, organizational skills, and a commitment to excellent and repeatable work are expected.


  • Perform biochemical techniques including protein expression, purification and analysis and enzymatic activity assays in support of research projects
  • Routinely perform molecular biology techniques such as PCR, DNA mutagenesis, DNA subcloning, protein/DNA electrophoresis, cell transformation, cell culture, and other more advanced methods in support of research projects
  • Work collaboratively with other team members to accomplish project goals and milestones
  • Use creative problem-solving skills to troubleshoot experimental challenges
  • Detail-oriented tracking and documenting of experimental results in laboratory notebooks and databases
  • Analyze, summarize, and present experimental results to manager and other team members


  • 2 plus years of experience in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry expected
  • Experience with enzymatic activity design and high-throughput implementation
  • Strong background in molecular biology and biochemistry with experience in recombinant DNA technologies, protein analysis, cell transformation, and cell culture is expected
  • Familiarity with analytical techniques for metabolite detection is a plus
  • High quality standards for one’s own work is required
  • Experience with cutting edge cloning methods (Gibson, GoldenGate, LCR) for generating expression plasmids is a plus


 B.S. or M.S. in biochemistry, bioengineering, microbiology, molecular biology, or equivalent

Process Development Technician – Fermentation/Cell free Lab Operations

The Fermentation/Cell free Lab Operations Process Development Technician, Green Light Biosciences, will work in a small team to execute to a high degree of excellence lab scale experiments, record data, and interact with the Scientists and Engineers with data analysis in a fast-paced environment. This hands on position requires a desire and ability to work as an integral part of multidisciplinary team, taking ownership of the actual laboratory fermentation/CF execution. The individual in this role will be capable of working with shake flasks, fermentation or cell free experiments at the 70mL, and 1-10L scale vessel. He/She will apply their knowledge of common fermentation/CF and other associated bioprocess unit operations involved in fermentation/CF enabling technical success of a complex and changing experimental plan. A successful candidate for this position will be able to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility, creativity and initiative applied to the various aspects of the position. In addition, they will be able to take ownership of execution, trouble shooting and corrective actions in the equipment or processes related to execution of the experiments. They will have strong observational and documentation skills.

This position will be responsible for the day-to-day fermentation/CF operations and will assist in the planning and improvement of efficient and effective lab practices.

The PD Technician will comply company policies and practices for EHS and will support company and organizational targets and functional growth plans. 


  • Accountability for your work performance and productivity
  • Demonstrate general knowledge of standard laboratory practices and equipment
  • Establish and follow written procedures for the clear and accurate documentation of equipment operation, process instructions and process data
  • Operate and monitor fermentation and CF processes ranging from microliter to 10L scale
  • Perform sample analysis such as dry cell weight, plating, etc
  • Work with safe laboratory operations and contribute to a safe work culture
  • Respectful of others


  •  Strong technical competence of scientific principles of fermentation, microbiology and basic chemistry
  • Familiarity and practical understanding of how to correctly operate basic laboratory equipment: including fermenters, DO probes, pH meters, Mass Spec, lab scales, centrifuges, shakers, sterile hoods, etc. High through-put experience and implementation a plus
  • Proficiency in microbial culturing and aseptic technique
  • Ability to maintain an orderly work area and ensure equipment is in good working order
  • Personal track record and accomplishments in laboratory and executing experiments. Attention to detail and ownership of work is critical
  • Ability to read and follow detailed instructions and record information accurately
  • Ability to observe and react with unexpected experimental results
  • Data-driven decision maker with knowledge and experience in data management tools
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize multiple tasks and demand on resources and accomplish goals
  • Excellent Communication, Leadership and Inter-Personal skills
  • High quality standards for one’s own work is required
  • Strong Analytical, Problem Solving, Planning and Organizational skills
  •  Ability to work successfully independently and in teams to meet objectives and timelines
  • Ability to lift 40 lbs   
  • Ability to work  evening shifts


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Microbiology, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering or similar Life Sciences discipline required. An Associate’s degree and 2 years’ experience also considered

Associate Microbiologist

GreenLight Biosciences is seeking an exceptional, highly-motivated entry level Microbiologist to work in GreenLight’s cutting edge scientific team. The successful candidate will leverage their expertise to support research in the discovery, characterization, production, and testing of novel molecules in the context of milestone-driven platform development and deployment projects. Strong technical, organizational, and communication skills, as well as a genuine interest to continuing learning in this exciting field. This is an entry level role working in GreenLight’s small scale fermentation team.


  • Sampling, microscope checks and plating microbial or fermentation samples using proper handling procedures and aseptic technique when required
  • Perform initial dilutions and enrichments of microbial samples for analysis
  • Prepare Master & Working Cell Banks and perform quality and robustness tests as needed. Prepare and test fermentation seed preparations
  • Perform all related instrumentation work and user maintenance as needed e.g., plate readers and microscope.
  • Perform microbial related diagnostics, with improvement of methods/detection as needed and interpret and report work with guidance as needed
  • Perform, with guidance, project work such as shake flask experiments as needed, collect & organize data and report out in a useful manner
  • Perform routine cleaning and quality checks for relevant equipment
  • Prepare culture media including quality control checks
  • Perform all necessary analytical measures such as BCA, SDS-PAGE gels, OD measurements with correlations to dry cell weights, enzyme assays, etc. with all appropriate controls and documentation
  • Document work and maintain laboratory records
  • Plan for assigned workload on a daily basis and effectively schedule multiple assignments.
  • Maintain a safe and organized work area, including performing routine cleaning of all work areas Contribute to a cohesive team environment
  • Perform other related duties as assigned


  • Flexibility to work on a range of different projects
  • An organised and methodical approach to tasks and commitment to effective project management
  • Mature and professional demeanor with high degree of self-motivation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


  • A BS or BA in Microbiology or another relevant field. An associate’s degree and 2-4 years in microbiology laboratory work will also be considered