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Introducing GreenLight

An RNA platform to help feed the world and keep it healthy

Plant and Animal Health

Feeding the world: RNA for agriculture

We must grow more food with the same amount of land while honoring the need and demands to replace chemical pesticides. Even as many pesticides face increasing consumer opposition—and threat of outright bans—due to environmental damage, many are losing their effectiveness.

GreenLight’s pipeline includes solutions to protect bees and stop fungal pathogens that often rot fruit like strawberries and grapes. We have a pipeline of 13 more products for human, plant, and animal health.

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Keeping the world healthy: messenger RNA for human health

Messenger RNA’s features make it broadly valuable for human health. It is well known that messenger RNA was used to quickly develop effective Covid-19 vaccines critical for pandemic response.

GreenLight is working on multiple vaccines as well as therapeutic uses of messenger RNA.

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Our platform

Our platform and pipeline addressing agriculture and human health

Our platform enables us to make complex biological molecules in a manner that we believe is capable of creating products at a lower cost, required quality, and in a more scalable fashion than alternative solutions.

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ESG is core to our purpose

Our pipeline helps address some of the world’s biggest problems and we believe in doing the right thing to meet our environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.

Read our 2022 Sustainability Report

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The latest on GreenLight’s work and partnerships, and what the world has been saying about us.

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