GreenLight is dedicated to bringing our Cell-Free process for the production of RNA to market to address global needs and threats. The team at GreenLight is composed of world leaders in diverse fields all working towards one goal. A dynamic and fast-paced environment is cultivated with employees not only aligned with GreenLight's mission, but also passionate about the technology and science. We are always seeking passionate and talented people that are ready to lead the coming RNA revolution.

GreenLight is an equal opportunity employer. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our workforce. We believe in a culture of transparency, integrity, gender equality and inclusion.

Open Positions

Scientist – Assay Development; Medford, MA

Position summary:

GreenLight Biosciences is seeking an exceptional, highly-motivated scientist to work on cutting edge technology in Cell-free Bioprocessing. The successful candidate will support all stages of R&D in the discovery and characterization of input and product streams in the context of milestone-driven platform development projects. The successful candidate will have extensive experience in the development and execution of a variety of assay formats, including biochemical and biophysical technologies, and a demonstrated ability to effectively troubleshoot assays. Strong technical, organizational, and communication skills, as well as the ability to develop creative solutions to challenging problems, are essential.



  • Develop novel assays to probe, quantify, and characterize biopolymers and small molecules to support objectives in discovery research and process development.
  • Use biochemical and biophysical techniques including protein purification, enzymatic assays, ELISAs, and oligonucleotide characterization in support of research projects.
  • Design, develop and optimize medium- to high-throughput assays in multiple formats; increase throughput of existing assays, including the use of liquid handlers.
  • Perform molecular biology techniques (PCR, RNA/DNA purification and manipulation, cell culture, etc.) as needed in support of research projects.
  • Work collaboratively with team members to accomplish project goals and milestones.
  • Use creative problem-solving skills to independently troubleshoot experimental challenges.
  • Continuously contribute to the company’s intellectual property portfolio and routinely track and document results in laboratory notebooks and databases.
  • Analyze, summarize, and present experimental results to team members.



  • Ph.D. in biochemistry, chemical biology, chemistry or equivalent.
  • 1-3 years of industrial experience with biochemical and biophysical assay development, including working with small molecules. Must have experience with multiple assay formats.
  • Strong background in biochemistry with an extensive working knowledge of current biochemical and biophysical techniques, including experience with diverse analytical techniques for biopolymers (protein, DNA, RNA) and small molecule detection, quantification, and characterization.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop novel assays and optimize conditions to reduce variability; experience with high-throughput assays, including automation and liquid handler programming is a plus.
  • Familiarity with microbial physiology and biochemical engineering is a plus.
  • Must be highly-motivated with flexibility in project focus, exceptional oral and written communication skills, and demonstrated excellence in teamwork and effective collaboration.

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