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A revolutionary platform to protect the health of people and our planet

We’ve pioneered a groundbreaking technology to create high-performing, natural RNA products to improve the health of people and our planet.

With our academic and industry partners, we will commercialize RNA-powered products to address global sustainability challenges and produce healthier plants and healthier food.

Helping innovators safely and cost-effectively use RNA to target some of the world’s biggest problems.

RNA is a natural molecule found in all living organisms that facilitates virtually every biological process of life.

  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Fungi
  • People

In recent years, researchers and companies worldwide have shown how manufactured RNA can control many of these processes in a way that is:

  • safe
  • eco-friendly
  • highly targeted

The high cost of production has limited RNA’s widespread use — until now. With our proprietary, cell-free bioprocessing method, GreenLight has reduced the cost of producing safe and environmentally friendly RNA.

At GreenLight Biosciences, we are creating products to improve plant and human health. We’ve also opened up our biological platform to partners in academia and industry, to help them research and create RNA-based products that can positively impact society and help save the Earth for future generations.

RNA Applications

Improving Plant Sciences

Many pesticides are toxic – and some previously approved are now banned. With targeted biocontrol using the natural process of RNA interference (RNAi), we attack the pest — not the plant or beneficial insects — to help farmers grow healthy food with healthy yields.

Advancing Life Sciences

Drug companies know messenger RNA (mRNA) as an effective means to stop the spread of infectious disease. But creating vaccines is a slow process, and one that is difficult to scale. Our flexible RNA platform offers the potential for rapid vaccine production coupled with scalable, high-fidelity manufacturing.

Meet GreenWorX™

GreenWorX™ is our revolutionary, proprietary, cell-free bioprocessing platform that allows our partners to produce high-quality, cost-effective RNA products. Our technology empowers you to research and create RNA-based products that improve our world, placing us — and you — at the forefront of the RNA revolution.

Leverage GreenWorX™

  • Validate the impact of your research with our technology.
  • Accelerate the introduction of products at an industrial scale, and reduce the cost of their development.
  • Ensure RNA-based products receive approval based on sound science.

A Plant Science Story

Stopping the Colorado Potato Beetle

Field trials for our first RNA-based product target three distinct genes in the Colorado Potato Beetle, an invasive pest that destroys potato crops. We identified a way to take advantage of a natural biological process specific to the beetle to stop the pest from destroying the plant.

Problem? Inadequate pest controls.

Agricultural pests lead to more than $100 billion annually in global crop loss. Traditional pesticides may work, but they can be toxic (and some previously approved are now banned). In addition, many chemicals applied to plants accumulate in our soil, water, or food, and negatively impact beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. And many destructive insects, weeds, viruses and fungi have developed resistance to pesticides. Farmers have fewer and fewer options for control.

Solution? Targeted Biocontrol.

By applying our safe RNA-based solution to a plant, we silence a specific gene in the pest that is critical to its growth — and we do it without genetic modification. The pest is eliminated, but the plant stays healthy and there’s no negative impact on the environment.

dsRNA is used to efficiently and specifically target the pest through a natural process known as RNA interference (RNAi). RNAi is a process found in most living organisms wherein it acts to transiently control a variety of functions. We take advantage of this process to control pests through temporary suppression of key genes that is not passed down to subsequent generations.

Results? Positive and safe.

The dsRNA product has been tested in field trials where the Colorado Potato Beetle is active. Over 20 field trials have been held across five states with positive results and striking differences in plants treated with GreenLight’s product (healthy and green) vs. non-treated plants (wilted, with holes in leaves).

The product’s efficacy has been confirmed in laboratory and greenhouse insect-feeding assays as well. We expect this product will be submitted for regulatory approval in 2020. And while our first RNA product targets the Colorado Potato Beetle, we are leveraging the flexibility of RNA technology to build a pipeline of products to address even more pest and disease problems facing farmers.

Our Story

Who We Are

We believe it is our duty to society to achieve the impossible.

Andrey Zarur, Ph.D.

Founded in 2009, GreenLight Biosciences is dedicated to bringing our proprietary, cell-free bioprocessing method to market and produce low-cost, high-quality RNA in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Our goal is to commercialize products to improve plant and human health, and help our partners research and create natural RNA-based products. Our work will lead to more sustainable global development, and we promise to deliver our safe solutions without compromising the health of the Earth and its people.


Our established partnerships with leading corporations and academic institutions will help us uncover new discoveries, build our product pipeline, and establish a successful commercial RNA marketplace for solutions to solve for human, plant, and animal challenges.

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With our partners, technology, and team aligned to our mission, we believe GreenLight Biosciences is the sign of a better and healthier future.

Leadership Team

Andrey J. Zarur, Ph.D

Co-Founder, President, & CEO

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Carole Cobb

Chief Operating Officer

Mick Messman

Chief Commercial Officer

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Susan Keefe

Chief Financial Officer


Marta Ortega-Valle

Co-Founder, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development


Board of Directors

Andrey J. Zarur, Ph.D

Co-Founder, President, & CEO, Greenlight Biosciences, Inc.

Prof. Charles L. Cooney, Ph.D

Chairman of the Board, GreenLight Biosciences, Inc., Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT

Eric O’Brien

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Fall Line Capital

Ganesh Kishore, Ph.D

CEO, Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund, Managing Partner, Spruce Capital Partners

David Furneaux

Managing Partner, Kodiak Venture Partners

Neil Renninger

CEO, Ripple Foods

Martha Schlicher, Ph.D

VP, Medicines Team Lead, Specialty Generics, Mallinckrodt

Matthew Walker

Managing Director, S2G Ventures

Michael Liang, Ph.D

Partner, Baird Capital

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GreenLight is an equal-opportunity employer. We embrace diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in our workforce. And we pride ourselves on building a culture of transparency.

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