Our technology allows us to make cost-effective RNA

Our high-quality, low-cost RNA

We can make multiple forms of RNA at scale using a differentiated manufacturing platform. We believe our expertise and proprietary technology will allow us to bring RNA products quickly and cost-effectively to market.

Alternative RNA production methods are generally slow to develop and more expensive:

  • Cell-based fermentation does not achieve the quality required for human health uses or the cost considerations for broadacre coverage in agriculture applications.
  • Conventional cell-free processes, such as in vitro transcription (IVT), are cost prohibitive for agricultural applications and require complex specialty input supply chains.

GreenLight has solved challenges to manufacturing at scale with:

  • Proprietary cell-free methodology that enables delivery of high volumes and less than $1/gram for the production of Technical Grade Active Ingredient (TGAI) dsRNA
  • Scalable and flexible architecture that accommodates manufacturing for a wide variety of applications

Put together, we believe our technologies and methods allow us to make scalable, cost-effective RNA.

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