Our manufacturing platform

Our platform, developed through 13 years of research and technology development, is protected by foundational patents that address barriers cell-free technologies have faced for many years.

Biologic production through living cells faces a range of constraints. These include the cell’s priority for self-preservation, which fights against RNA production, reducing yield and quality.

Conventional cell-free production breaks open the cells and removes the need to balance bioprocessing against self-preservation. But energy management in this method limits yield and quality, making RNA production prohibitive for many human health and most agricultural applications in terms of cost, scale, and speed.

Our proprietary cell-free process regenerates the energy needed for bioprocessing using ingredients that can include polyphosphates and enzymes.

Each step and reaction component in our bioproduction process has been developed or selected with cost, quality, safety, and commercial scalability in mind. Our technology solves many RNA production problems:

  • The key raw material for dsRNA can be obtained in large quantities from such sources as industrial fermentation processes (e.g., spent yeast material).
  • Enzymes facilitate reenergizing nucleotides. These thermally stable enzymes allow us to eliminate regulation elements, creating purer ingredients.
  • Our proprietary process allows us to energize naturally occurring nucleoside monophosphates at low cost.