The impact of our high-quality low-cost RNA

Given the advantages of our platform, we aim to make the benefits of RNA, and other biologics, accessible to everyone.

For agriculture, we are developing products that promote sustainability and supplement or replace traditional pesticides and fungicides with RNA in farmers’ crop-protection programs.

In the next five years, our pipeline includes seven agricultural products planned for launch.

We anticipate this pipeline will demonstrate:

  1. Fast development of agricultural products. Our Colorado potato beetle product will, if approved, have taken five years from start to market compared to a typical 10-year cycle at major agribusinesses.
  1. Rapid integration of acquisitions. We acquired Bayer’s topical RNA treatment for honeybees in December 2020. By May 2021, we were conducting further field trials and intend to be ready for regulatory submission in 2022.
  1. Scaled production. Our Rochester RNA manufacturing facility can produce 500 kg dsRNA per year with the capability to readily expand to 1,000 kg. It currently provides samples for our field trials