An introduction to RNA

We can make dsRNA at scale using a differentiated manufacturing platform. We believe our expertise and proprietary technology will allow us to bring RNA products quickly and cost-effectively to market.

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“What we’ve been able to do is actually make your RNA of choice. That allows you to make metric-ton quantities, in a capital-efficient system at a cost that the farmers can afford.”

Carole Cobb, Former GreenLight COO


How do we make RNA?

What is cell free production and how is ours different? The technology we developed to produce dsRNA enables delivery of high volume of Technical Grade Active Ingredient at less than $1/gram. This breakthrough can create high quality, non-GMO products.

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The impact of our scalable, high-quality, low-cost RNA

In Rochester, New York, we are operating the world’s largest RNA factory. Find out more on our blog about how we have sized up from the lab to industrial scale.

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Where and how

Our 17,000-square-foot facility in Rochester, New York is able to manufacture enzymes and RNA for a variety of agricultural applications, including the protection of honeybees.

a large sign shows company names at Rochester business park

Our plant in Rochester, New York has an installed capacity at 500 kg of RNA per year, with ready expansion to 1,000 kg.

Two men work together in a Greenlight factory to put together a pipe

The fermentation process to produce RNA has to be managed carefully to produce good field test candidates

a bee walks on a honeycomb with a varroa mite on its back

They might not be bigger than a speck of pepper, but Varroa mites can devastate bee populations.

a man stands in front of containers of yellow liquid at GreenLight's factory

We hope to use our cell-free manufacturing process to produce RNA at scale.

a pouch sits on a beehive

Pouches of our Varroa candidate are placed inside hives for bees to consume

The GreenLight way

  • Affordability

    Our proprietary cell free methodology that enables prices at less than $1/gram for dsRNA

  • Quality

    Our system allows us to create high-quality RNA

  • Speed

    Batches take hours, not weeks, allowing us to be flexible and efficient


How our technology solves many RNA production problems

Each step and reaction component in the GreenLight Bio production process has been developed or selected with cost, quality, safety and commercial scalability in mind.

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We won’t succeed alone

We work with some of the world’s leading universities, companies, and scientists

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News and insights

The latest on GreenLight Bio’s work and partnerships, and what the world has been saying about us.

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