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To address unmet medical needs of underserved populations and to prepare for future pandemics, we work with every part of the world to advance the discovery, development, scale-up, and manufacturing of vaccines and therapeutics.

We aim to make RNA products more accessible to low- and middle-income countries and believe that local needs are best addressed when we partner locally from the very beginning of the product research and development process.

In our plant health development process, we are committed to engaging with local agencies, agricultural partners, and academic institutions to create solutions to protect regional crops from relevant pests.

We are establishing a global network of partnerships and workforce development to advance research and manufacturing of effective and selective solutions targeting local pests.

Global partnerships

We actively seek to partner with local companies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to advance equitable access to messenger RNA vaccines and therapeutics targeting regionally prevalent diseases.

These partnerships aim to develop skills and capabilities to research, develop, make, and commercialize messenger RNA products.

Serum Institute of India
University of Wisconsin
Funder: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
TFF Pharmaceuticals
Hart Honey Farms
Samsung Biologics

Committed to representation at all levels

We continuously work to improve our representation of gender, race, and ethnicity at all levels, including our board, VP, and executive levels.

Full-time employees

GreenLight's commitment to diversity remains strong and a top priority as our employee base grows.

*Figures as of December 31, 2022

46% Female

46% of our full-time employees self-identify as female.*

46% non-Caucasian

46% of our full-time employees identify as a member of a non-Caucasian racial or ethnic group.*

Executive Team

More than half of the executive team are women and almost a third are members of a racial or ethnic minority group.*

*Figures as of April 1, 2023

60% Female

60% of GreenLight’s executive team members are female.

30% Non-Caucasian

30% of our executive team identifies as a non-Caucasian racial or ethnic group.*

Board of Directors

GreenLight’s board is more than twice as diverse as the S&P average.*

*Spencer Stuart, 2022 **Figures as of December 31, 2022

57% is diverse

57% of board members are racially and ethnically diverse.**

29% Female

29% of GreenLight’s board members are female.**

Executive Team

Women in the executive team at GreenLight are more than double the industry average.*

*MassBio Report, 2021 **Figures as of April 1, 2023

60% Female

60% of the executive team are female.**

Research and Scientist positions

Diversity in STEM roles at GreenLight exceeds the industry average.*

*US Census, 2021 **Figures as of December 31, 2022

42% Female

42% of employees in research and scientist positions are female.**

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our culture is built on care, transparency, employee ownership, and a deep, humble respect for science.

The representation of women across GreenLight has increased over the past year. As of March 2023, women now make up 47% of all employees (up from 45% in March 2022).

Our representation of ethnic and racial minorities has remained stable at 45% over the last year.

We regularly measure and share with employees information about our gender pay gap and company statistics.

Our employee-run resources groups focus on common priorities and areas of interest, including the LGBTQ+ community, women, community service and fundraising, wellness, and equity, diversity & inclusion.