RNA can help tackle some of humanity's greatest problems:

Feeding everyone, keeping them healthy, and protecting the planet.


Environmental, Social, and Governance responsibilities are core to GreenLight’s purpose

Meeting the needs of people, plants, animals and the planet

We harness the power of biology to meet the needs of the human race, plants, animals, and the planet.

Our investors, partners, and staff understand this is our purpose and know that we will always look to deliver benefits and returns that are sustainable.

We are a team dedicated to solving some of the world’s largest problems by delivering on the full potential of RNA through our innovative platform and products. Given the scale of the challenges we face, this is the only path that is both responsible and rewarding.

Solutions to our greatest challenges

Our products aim to address some of humanity’s greatest problems: Feeding everyone and keeping them healthy while protecting the planet.

The products we are developing aim for sustainable food production through highly selective RNA-based bio-fungicides and bio-insecticides. These solutions are designed to meet both the needs of farmers and consumers by offering effective pest management with a favorable environmental safety profile.

We aim to achieve equitable global access to vaccines and therapies. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that donor-reliant vaccine distribution models will not enable global health security to be achieved.

Furthermore, even outside of a global emergency situation, vaccines and therapies designed and developed for local medical needs are sorely missing, especially in remote or poor communities. Our messenger RNA platform aims to deliver a safe and efficacious response to vaccine and therapeutic needs globally, in a rapid, scalable, and affordable manner.

GreenLight’s product pipeline for agriculture, human health, and animal health is powered by a development process and proprietary platform that allows us to design and manufacture RNA-based products at a broad range of scales in a fast and cost-effective manner, making these solutions rapidly accessible.

For agricultural products, GreenLight’s manufacturing plant in Rochester, New York, has the ability today to produce 0.5 tons/year of RNA.

To our knowledge, this is the largest RNA facility by volume in the world.

We believe in doing the right thing to meet our environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.

GreenLight supports the following Sustainable Development Goals: