At GreenLight, we believe that the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) is no longer sufficient for us because it implies that such responsibility—doing good in the world—is separate from our core business model, when in fact it is our business model.

The following values are deeply coded within our business, mission, and culture:

  • Care for everyone
  • Courage to achieve the impossible
  • Collaboration to propel our success
  • Commitment to science and always doing the right thing

Our culture is built on care, transparency, diversity, employee ownership and engagement, and a deep, humble respect for science. Transparency is essential to how we operate, to enable sharing of the insights and tools that enable our platform to grow, as well as to build trust and accountability with all our stakeholders.

Not a typical biotech company

At GreenLight, we don’t just measure our success through innovation. What good is scientific progress if the vast majority of countries can’t benefit from it?

We are united by a common purpose: creating a more sustainable future by bringing food security, medicine, and healthcare to everyone. From the very beginning, our founders believed that the way forward would be based on equality, diversity, and inclusion. These founding principles guide us every day as we identify and develop a highly talented workforce.

Success at GreenLight is measured by impact—on those most in need, on our planet, and on our amazing team of GreenLighters who make the company what it is today.

Our primary goal is to use our research to meet the needs of the human race. This is what sets GreenLight apart, and this is what has enabled us to form teams that care more about helping others than they do about profit.

Our core mission is socially driven, which is why GreenLight Biosciences will soon be a Certified B Corporation: balancing purpose and profit in everything that we do.

Every decision we take is carefully guided by the resulting benefit it can bring.

Our public benefit mission:

“To improve public health and the environment by developing and commercializing biological products that can reduce chemicals in our environment and promote health through delivery of high-quality, affordable solutions that improve outcomes for people and the planet.”

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

We firmly believe that the only way we can achieve our goals is by cultivating a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We are always thinking about how we can create multifaceted and representative teams and how we can better serve our colleagues of different genders, ethnicities, generations, educational achievement, sexual orientation, workstyles, and more. 

We already have a lot to be proud of as it relates to ED&I. Women and minorities are well-represented throughout the organization. According to the 2021 US census, women represent just 27% percent of the STEM workforce in the US, yet they are half of the overall workforce. While the number of women working in the field of science is growing, there is still a long way to go.  To help counteract this underrepresentation, GreenLight is working hard to attract, recruit, and retain female scientists. We proactively monitor our diversity data and are always looking for areas of improvement.

As of November 2021:

  • 44% of our employees are women
  • 45% of our executive team are women.
  • Women represent 44% of our employees in STEM roles
  • 46% of our employees identify as a non-Caucasian racial or ethnic group (Black or African American, Hispanic, or Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian or Native Hawaiian, other Pacific Islander, or two or more races).

We are committed to doing our part to make real changes to address systemic bias and inequities. 

Listen to our Chief Operating Officer Carole Cobb talk about women in biotech manufacturing

Employee resource groups

GreenLight’s leadership team supports staff who are interested in forming committees focused on the things they care about, which helps create a flexible and diverse culture. We already have employee-run resources groups rallied around the following passions or commonalities:

  1. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  2. Wellness
  3. Women @ GreenLight
  4. RainbowLight (LGBTQ+)
  5. Fun (creating opportunities to connect)
  6. Global Community Service