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We are expanding many divisions across GreenLight Bio, and have opportunities based across the US and the rest of the world. Check out different opportunities in Durham, North Carolina, Rochester, New York, Boston, Massachusetts and more here. Visit our career page to learn more about why working at GreenLight Bio is empowering and challenging.


GreenLight Bio is based in the US. The vast majority of our employees work in two centers in Boston, Massachusetts, and Durham, North Carolina. We manufacture most of our RNA in Rochester, New York.

Visit our contact page to get in touch, and email [email protected] for media-related inquiries.


Established history of safe consumption of RNA in human and animal food suggests no negative effect from ingested RNA and supports the safety of RNA as an active ingredient for biopesticides.


Our 17,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Rochester, New York, has an installed capacity at 500 kg per year, with ready expansion to 1,000 kg. The site and utility infrastructure supports a further expansion of RNA production up to 100 metric tons per year.


Agricultural products

We’re always looking for partners to help us test a portfolio of projects that growers can use to protect and preserve product and animal safety and sustainably. If you think you can help, get in touch at [email protected]


GreenLight Bio’s research know-how and production process allows us to address some of the challenges that formerly hindered RNA’s application in agriculture. We aim for our products to cost less than a dollar per gram of dsRNA and hope to produce a product that will remain stable for two years at a temperature of 25°C


RNA is found naturally occurring in every living thing on the planet. Our RNA products degrade in soil and water once used.